You Would Have Never Noticed These Mistakes In Bollywood Movies

Bollywood movie lovers do not forget to watch any new movie released. As if they liked any movie they like to watch it more than one time & more than once. But have you noticed there are so many mistakes which we are never able to notice now, I will tell you 11 mistakes in Bollywood movies which happened in front of your eyes but you have never noticed.

Biggest mistake in movie Lagaan

In movie Lagaan there were 6 balls in an over but in real cricket of 1982 there were only 5 balls in an over.


In movie Krrish Preity Zinta was pregnant for 2 years

Rohit was in singapur from 2 years in this period of time preeti was pregnant in India. Don’t know how this all happened 😮


In Bruges there is not any Pakistani embassy PK hai kya?

Sarfaraz told Jaggu that he works in Pakistani embassy located in Bruges but in real there is no embassy in Bruges but in Brussels there is an embassy.

movie pk

Sayad Tabhi Tapasvi Maharaj Ne Kaha Tha Ki Us Pe Bharosa Mat Karna..

In move Ra-One SRK died he is buried like Christens

Next day scene shows his wife to immerse his ashes?


When he was buried so from where did his ashes came from?


In movie Gunda Mithun Chakraborty hide him beside cycle to save himself from guns bullet.



In movie Pyar Ka Panchnama Don’t know how bike turns out into Jeep.

These three friend comes in bike but while going there bike turns into jeep

Comes :




In movie Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani this blue book want to be with Deepika or she want to be with it.

Binny take books & League from Naina


In the next scene that book is with Naina.


Entry of Suhas in movie ‘3 idiots’

Before marriage he is at home.

3 idiot

But he takes entry from outside.

3 idiot

In movie Heyy Babyy every moment this baby changes her cloth

In background there is blue baby clothes

heyy babyy1

Now White

heyy baby2

Now its over the limit cloths are changed again 😮

heyy babyy3

In movie Badlapur Musician was an Alien

when Raghu meet Herman there were some musician playing music.


when inspector was checking out the recording of CCTV there was no musician playing music.

badlapur 2

In movie OMG old logo of ABP news

We all know Star news has changed there name into ABP news


But the use of old logo of Star News I didn’t get.