Workers In Mukesh Ambani’s House Gets More Salary Than You Can Ever Imagine

Who doesn’t know about the lavish lifestyle of Mukesh Ambani? This year he was chosen as the richest person in Asia even surpassing Jack Ma. He is a billionaire and indeed lives a life of a billionaire.

Now and then he makes headlines for his famous lifestyle and luxuries. Everything they do becomes a trend and they know how to take everything to a whole new level with their super-rich lifestyle.

His very own multi-storey building in the poshest of areas in Mumbai, Antilia, exhibits elegance and extravagance.

The amount of money invested to build up his beautiful empire is way more than our imaginations could ever get. There are many mind blowing facts about this dream kingdom.

Internet is filled up with every small detail about the house.  Its controversial design and ostentatious use by a single family has made it famous across the world.

The crown property is valued $1 billion and is located on Altamount Road, Cumballa Hill in Mumbai.

The home has 27 floors with extra high ceilings. It takes a total of 600 staff members in total to organize and take care of the house.

Well, that’s indeed a very very big numbers. They have their own chefs, own gym, spa, swimming pools, parking lots for their helipads and what not.

But brushing all that aside for a moment, don’t you wanna know what is the salary of the workers working in Mukesh Ambani’s 27-storey residence?

You will be astounded to know that the workers at his house are treated like government servants and have acquired special skills to be working at his house.

Their salaries also include allowances like life insurance, education allowances and many more.

The secret behind the cordial atmosphere in the Ambani’s house is that nobody treats them as servants. Rather they are treated respectfully by all the members of the family.

The monthly salary of per employee is INR 2 Lakh which could vary according to their responsibilities. In 2011, their minimum salaries were starting from INR 6K but now it is a minimum of about 2 lakhs.

Antilia is incorporated with Z security system for which INR 15 Lakhs is paid. Z security is provided to an individual if he/she approaches the Union home ministry with evidence of a terror threat to him.

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