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It all started 3 years back with the Titans brains looking for something that can make you laugh, cry, feel sad, all at once. And, thus Kapil Sharma – Best Comedian was born on 2013 with aim to make everyone Laugh. For continuous 3 years Kapil Sharma – Best Comedian has made every attempt to spread love and laughter through it’s posts. And, today we think the efforts have finally paid us. As per, SumHR website  page Rajnikant Vs CID Jokes tops the list for best Entertainment pages followed by Saale Dost Ko Thanks Bolta Hai at 2, The BACK Benchers at 3, Entertainment Plus+ at 4, and let dis semester go i will seriously study from next’ at 5.

Kapil Sharma best comedian ever

Kapil Sharma – Best Comedian Ever is in top Comedy Centric Entertainment Page.

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