[Watch] Meet The Young Heroes Of Delhi Who Saved Foreigner Woman life And Heroic Act Was Caught On CCTV Posted On September 24

Back days we have posted about this cause

One of the main issue in Delhi which has brought a lot of bad name to the capital of the country is women safety. Let aside the night time, girls are not safe in Delhi even in the broad daylight. This is not an opinion but a fact from the cases coming up so frequently related to women safety.

From the way we saw the quick action and heroic response from so many people in such a beautiful way, hopefully humanity is restored among us and made the whole country proud of its citizens. This incident proved to be the sure example of bringing neutrality between the good and the bad as it is ought to be.

Watch the video below to see how these three young fellows made the whole country proud of them by saving a Foreigner woman’s life and also catching the criminal. The video below tells all the details of the incident in their words.

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