Upasna Singh Says Krushnas Abhishek’s Show Comedy Nights Live Is Dead


After Mika Singh, Upashna Singh is also out from the show “Comedy Nights Live”. Upashna Singh who plays the role of ‘Bua’ in the show had left the show by her own choice. She had marked serious allegations on the show’s makers.

Kapil Sharma use to host Comedy Nights With Kapil due to some issues with colors channel he left the show. After Kapil, Krushna Abhishek is hosting the same show with it colors channel changed the name of the show to Comedy Nights Live. After Kapil, Comedy Nights is not getting much TRP.

Upasana who is still applauded for her comic timing also stated about lack of punch lines saying,“I feel they roped me in just because they wanted someone who had worked in Kapil’s show before to help them get a good TRP. Essentially, they have just used me to their advantage. Now that the show has opened to a good TRP and is established, they have started making me feel useless on their show. The lines I got on the show were without any humour and punch lines. I requested the director of CNL several times to look into the matter, but he always said, “Abhi show shuru hua hai..dheere dheere theek ho jaayega.”

Further the talented actress who is also a well-known name in the Bollywood front also stated that her agreement for the show was delayed up to four months saying, “To top it all, they did not give me the agreement even after four months of working with them. Maine jab inhe kaha aap mera agreement do, to roz taalte rahte the.When I finally got the agreement, there were so many terms and conditions that I couldn’t believe. The agreement said I could not do another comedy show. It also said they could kick me out of the show in 24 hours.”

She added, “Surprisingly, it did not have the terms and conditions we had agreed upon. I told them if you could kick me out of the show in 24 hours, I should also be able to quit the show by giving 24 hrs notice. I have made a huge mistake by committing to this show.”

Not stopping at just that Upasana Singh made a shocking revelation saying that she has been paid just for two episodes. The comic actor revealed, “They have paid me for just two episodes. They had in fact promised to pay every 30 days. They did not fulfill that promise. Now they are saying they will clear my dues only after I sign the agreement. Clearly, they want to trap me. But I want to tell them, that they can’t stop my payment. I will drag them to court. You can’t do this to an actor.”

Credit : Dainik Jagaran