Twitter Screwed Baba Ramdev As Insects Are Found In His Noodles #ThugRamdev

Baba Ramdev As Insects Are Found In His Noodles

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev is on a mission to promote healthy living and for this he not only teaches yoga in his camps which are attended by huge number of public but he also advises people about their food habits. To ensure that his followers get pure and healthy food he is actively promoting the food products under his firm’s brand name Patanjali.

Patanjali was into juices, health drinks, and other food products earlier also but now the latest product that was launched by Patanjali is noodles. However, the launch was not free from controversies as it was said that license has not be obtained and then it was also heard that insects have been found in these noodles.

Baba Ramdev has an old relation with controversies, he has earlier launch a movement to bring black money from the foreign accounts which was left in mid-way. His closeness with BJP is known to all and therefore he is also targeted by the anti-BJP parties and their members.

Congress party leader Digvijay Singh has once called Baba Ramdev a thug (crook) as Baba is always against congress party and its leaders like Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

#ThugRamdev trended on twitter as Baba’s newest food item Patanjali noodles is in the news for all wrong reason. Here are some tweets:












Source : RVCJ