Twitter Reacted Hilariously On Salman’s Verdict In 2002 Hit & Run Case

The Bombay High Court has acquitted actor Salman Khan from all the charges pertaining to the hit-and-run case of 2002 as the court felt that the prosecution has failed to prove any charges against Salman Khan.

In this case hit-and-run case of 2002, one person died and four other injured while sleeping on the pavement when a car rammed into them, which was alleged to be driven by the actor Salman Khan.

The judge said, “On the basis of evidence submitted by the prosecution, Salman Khan cannot be convicted” while giving the judgement in the case.

Here are five points that helped Salman Khan walk free from the court:

  • There is no solid evidence that Salman was drunk and driving
  • There is no proof that whether the tyre burst took place before or after the accident
  • Ravindra Patil, Salman’s former police bodyguard statement termed as “wholly unreliable”
  • The way in which the evidence such as bar bills were produced, it suggested manipulation
  • Kamaal Khan was also inside the car but he is not examined which is a big mistake on the part of prosecution.

The twitter is also giving its reaction on the event as Salman’s fans are showing their happiness while those who expected justice are showing their frustration.

Have a look at some of the tweets:










Source : Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes