Truck Demolishes Temple But Hanuman Statue Didn’t Lose An Inch

On 6 December, 2015, an accident took place in Banda district, Utttar Pradesh in which an uncontrolled truck before reaching to its destination rammed into Thanakshetr Mvi Hanuman temple leaving every brick of temple apart.

In this severe collision, the temple got completely damaged, front part of the truck also got damaged and two priests sleeping in the temple also lost their lives. But the miraculous thing in this whole incident that left everyone shocked was that the statue of Hanuman (Bajrang Bali) present in the temple was still standing at its place without any damage.


According to eye-witness Rajendra, when he arrived at the spot of collision, the statue of Bajrang Bali stood on a pile of rubble without even a scratch on it. It looked like as if nothing had happened.

It was not only Rajendra who was shocked by this incident but there were many other people like him who witnessed and reported the same. Even the city Magistrate, RK Srivastava said that, “When he rushed to the spot of accident. He saw everything damaged apart from the Hanuman statue that was standing upright at its place, without any damage.”

The priestess of the temple said that, ‘She also would had been killed in the same accident along the other two priests. But, fortunately she had already left on Friday night.”

“When on Saturday morning, I came back to the temple. I saw everything broken apart from the statue of Bajrang Bali. To me it was nothing short of a miracle to see Bajrang Bali and myself safe.” the priestess added.

News Source : CluesArena