Top Vulgar Songs From Bollywood That Will Have You In Splits!

In case you missed the joke the first time, the lyricist makes sure you hear it thrice…before saying ‘Gotcha!’ when the subsequent lines are played! How Bollywood loved to play with our dirty minds!

khanda hai khada

No…No…Don’t answer anything that would get you either a cell in Yerwada jail or a hour long counselling session with HR. The answer is dil…other things don’t matter!

choli k piche

This is Bollywood’s way of explaining bird and bees concept to us….without the bees, of course!

chad gya upar re

Those lyrics and those dance movements…This is the PG-13 version of what may happen at you wedding night!

sarkai lo

Seriously, why would you bring your rat when you meet your girlfriend, unless you are a vet or Ron Weasley?

mai laya hu apna

In case you didn’t understand the mechanics of a wedding night from the earlier Govinda ditty…this will make things clearer for you! Who needs sex education when we have songs like these!

baho mai