Here’s The Reason Why Toilet Stall Doors Aren’t Fully Enclosed

Ever gone inside a public washroom and felt uncomfortable wondering that the person outside the washroom can have a look at your legs? Why don’t they use floor touching doors? You”ll be surprised to know that there is a set of logical answers to this question. Read on to know these unknown facts regarding the toilet stall doors.

1. Cheaper for the owner

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Well, this is the most obvious one. Small sized doors fall cheaper when it comes to expense. It makes more financial sense to choose small sized doors.

2. Easier to clean

There are several washrooms to clean. So it gets easier to do mopping in these type of washrooms.

3. In case of emergency


In a public toilet someone getting locked in or passing out is nothing new. It can happen to anyone. So in case if a person gets stuck in the washroom he can be taken out.

 4. If anyone run out of toilet paper


In case you run out of toilet paper and can’t get out in that situation you can ask your friend to pass you toilet paper through the opening of the door.

5. In case of medical emergency


There are chances of a person getting passed out inside the washroom. If something like happens, it won’t go unnoticed. The person can be pulled easily by anyone.

6. Easier to tell if anyone is inside or not


You keep waiting outside the washroom waiting for the person to come out. What if there’s no one inside and you ended up getting trolled by yourself. To avoid these awkward situations, these doors are very useful. You can know if someone’s inside or not.

7. No chance of sneaking around

Public washrooms are not a place to take your girl into. Instead, take her to your room and not to a public washroom. One can’t even think of getting intimate with their partner with these doors.