This Video Of Pilot Proposing The Air Hostess Is Indeed The Most Romantic Proposal Ever!

If you surf Internet a lot, then you would have surely seen several videos of a boy proposing a girl. Be it in a mall or a cinema hall there are several places where you can propose your girl. However, when one is a pilot, he spends most of his time in a plane.


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So what place other than a flight would be more suitable for a pilot to propose an air hostess. Have you ever seen someone proposing a girl in a plane? No, then here is a video for you that will make you go aww. A video of pilot proposing an air hostess mid-air is going viral all over the Internet.


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This is probably the most romantic proposal you would have ever seen. This video is breaking the internet.


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If you have traveled on a plane, then you would have seen around 10 girls wearing the same dress who are there for your hospitality. These girls are known as air hostess.


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The video is of a flight in which there are passengers, the flight attendants, and the pilots. The pilot calls for an air hostess. When she comes he takes out the ring and proposes the air hostess with the ring. It is evident from her expressions that she was clueless about all this.


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Her expressions say it all that how much surprised she was after seeing the ring. Initially, she looked quite shy as there were many passengers in the flight. However, later she accepted his proposal. This cute proposal ended with a hug and a kiss.


This all looks like a romantic scene from a Bollywood movie. Passengers who witnessed this scene cheered for the couple. In the end, she showed her ring happily to the passengers.

Amidst all this, a passenger managed to make a video of this cute proposal. Later he uploaded this video on Internet. And now it is going viral all over the Internet.

Watch the video here

This video has hit 10 Million views on Internet and people are loving it. This is the most romantic thing one can do in a flight. Did you find it cute too? Share your views with us.