This Retired UP Postmaster Built’s A Taj Mahal For His ‘Mumtaz’

Another Shah Jahan. Another #TajMahal.

Another Shah Jahan. Another Taj Mahal.

Faizul Hasan Qadri, an 80 year old retired postmaster from Uttar Pradesh is building a mini Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Tajamulli Begum, who died in 2011 due to cancer. But now, as Qadri has exhausted all his finances in building the structure, the construction has come to a halt. And despite help being offered from various quarters (including the Chief Minister of UP), Qadri says he will build the Mahal all by himself. We salute the spirit of this man! 🙂


The retired postmaster’s wife died in 2011 due to throat cancer.

TajMahal_Web2Image: Burhaan Kinu of Hindustan Times

“I have told my brother to bury me here by the side of my wife. I have deposited the fees with the Wakf board also. Everything that comes has to go away some day. My wife is dead. I will also die some day. The monument too might not stand forever. I just wish to see it complete before I die,” Faizal said as told to Hindustan Times reporter.