This March Kapil Sharma’s Live Show At Gurgaon


Leisure Valley Presents Kapil Sharma Live in Gurgaon.
Gurgaon was a token given to Guru Dronacharya by Kauvas and Pandavas for his lessons on archery. There’s something for every interest & age. This growing city is just happy & happening!
A wise man once said,”Making people laugh is the toughest job in show business.”
I guess that wise man didn’t meet Kapil Sharma, the 34-year-old Actor and comedy king from Amritsar is now one of the biggest faces on Indian Television when it comes to comedy.
The thing that stands out in his performances is his ability to make a simple line sound funny. A sense of spontaneity with a sheer natural flair of comic timing you have India’s Funny Man- Kapil Sharma.
DATE: 27TH MAR, 2016
VENUE: Leisure Valley, Gurgaon
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