15 Things For Kids That Were Made For Grown-ups Initially

Becoming a parent isn’t easy. It comes with a lot of difficulties and responsibilities. And the toughest task of becoming a parent is to understand what your infant is feeling. But some designer parents have made the task of parenting a lot easier. With these devices, you can easily understand what your kids are feeling and they are helpful in many other ways as well.

Here are 15 things for kids that were meant for adults actually:

1. Automated baby rocker

Imitating the movement of your arms, this device helps in rocking the baby for you. All you have to do is attach the device to the handle of the baby-stroller.


2. Bed set for new parents

About to become a new parent? If yes, then this amazing bed set is meant just for you. You don’t have to worry about keeping your baby in a crib and can let him/her sleep by your side with this set.


3. Illuminated balls

These balls are helpful if your kids are afraid of the dark. You can put them by the side of their bed at night so that they won’t be scared.


4. Fun-feeding set

Fly the food to your child with this amazing tool. In case your kid refuses to eat, this fun-feeding set will convince them to do so.


5. Clothes with built-in activity monitor

This special clothing with a built-in activity monitor eliminates the need for parents to keep a check on their baby’s sleep. This device monitors a child’s breathing, position, activity, and room temperature and passes on the information to the smartphone.


6. Toy container

This frog-shaped container is meant for scooping up all the bath toys in one movement, washing off the bubbles, and attaching it to the wall.


7. A visual+sound projector

This device helps your baby in falling asleep by producing soothing sounds and projecting cute pictures onto the ceiling.


8. A pacifier+teether

This device is a hybrid between a teether and a pacifier. It affects all parts of the gums and can be stored in the fridge or even washed. Its easy design shows that there are few indents where microbes might form.


9. Feeding bottle+spoon

This device eliminates the need of a spoon as it is a hybrid between a spoon and a bottle. So if you’re in a park with your baby or traveling in a train, this device is very helpful.


10. Thermometer sticker

This device can check your child’s temperature without disturbing their sleep. It sticks directly on the skin and checks the temperature. Parents are warned through a smartphone app when their child gets sick.


11. Safety Bracelet

Losing their child is every parent’s nightmare. But no need to worry about it any longer as now you have this safety bracelet. Connected to a smartphone app, this device can track the location of your child when he/she moves beyond the app’s tracking radius. And a warning signal is sent.


12. Self-heating bottle

This bottle allows to heat up your kid’s bottle automatically within 4 minutes, without any electric cable. It heats up to 37 degrees C using a single-use cartridge containing salt and water.


13. Kids cry, translator

This translator gives four possible answers as to why your baby is crying. From hunger, pain, tiredness, to diaper change. And the result is 92% accurate. This device works correctly even at your four-months-old kid.


14. Smart toothbrush

This smart toothbrush visualizes every movement made inside your mouth. It is connected to the smartphone using Bluetooth. Evey time the child makes the right move, they earn points. Thereby turning brushing into a fun game.


15. Kneepads

We have seen the footballers and even the oldies wearing knee pads. But they were initially meant for kids. These kneepads protect your child’s sensitive skin from bruising.


How did you find these 15 cool devices?