These Are 13 Things Girls Wish Boys Should Know

Boys! you may wonder most often that it is very difficult to read a girl’s mind. You are always confused that what she actually wants.

There are certain things which they can’t tell you or share with you. They want you to figure it out on your own.

Then we are here to solve your problems. Down there are 13 points that will tell you what she wishes you to know.

1. Never interrupt them in between. Let them finish first or the fight’s never gonna end.

2. Hold them with care when they are upset rather than annoying them by reminding of your previous warnings.

3. Call them back when they put off the phone angrily after a fight with you.The-girl-thing

4. Don’t tell them that they are girls and so loose-lipped

5. Never forget to compliment them for every thing they do for you.

6. Don’t underestimate them.


7. They don’t need your money, only your love.

8. Tell them what you feel about them. Don’t fake it.

9. Never say to her- All girls are just the same. Every individual is different after all.


10. They are not dumb and may have more knowledge about sports or WWE fights than you.

11. Don’t create a fuss about petty issues.

12. If they are annoyed sometimes, caress them instead of conjecturing about the reason behind their vexed mood.

13. Don’t tell them to leave this habit or discard that hobby. Love them as they are. If you don’t like something about them, tell them politely or discuss with them.