Thank You Hypocrite Indians For Breaking Up The Lovely Relationship Between Virat & Anushka

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma met on the sets of an advertisement & their life completely changed thereafter.

virat expresses his love

Soon love was in the air. Anushka Sharma used to accompany Virat on his National cricket tours. Things were going well between them.

virat kohli anushka partying

But things started turning bad when Anushka Sharma was being blamed for Virat’s poor performance during the world cup 2015.

anushka crying

And the same thing has been troubling Virat Kohli since the world cup.

virat kohli

But something has infuriated Virat Kohli a lot.

anushka sharma karan johar

A lot.

anushka sharma karan johar 2

Last night Virat Kohli was seen leaving Anushka Sharma’s party bash in anger. If sources are to be believed a verbal spat happened between the lovely couple last night.

vk anushka

And this morning Virat Kohli tweeted on twitter that he has decided to part ways from this relationship to focus on his career & serve the nation well.

virat anushka sharma

Do you really think they can part ways? NOPE! It was just a prank & the couple is still together & strong.

virat kohli prank