Sunil Grover Again Takes A Dig At Kapil Sharma On Instagram

All of us are aware of Sunil Grover and Kapil Sharma’s mid-air feud. Although Sunil Grover maintained his calm in the flight but after returning to India, he decided to boycott the show. Along with him Ali Asgar, Kiku, and Chandan also decided to quit the show.

Kapil’s fallout with Sunil resulted in the fall of “The Kapil Sharma Show” TRP. Not only did this affected show’s TRP, but also devastated many fans.
Several people have tried to convince Sunil Grover to return the show. Navjot Singh Sidhu had assured Sunil Grover’s fans that he will bring them together. But even his efforts went in vain. Sunil has decided to keep his self-esteem above money and fame.
A few days back, he performed a live performance as Dr. Mashoor Gulathi in Delhi. And as expected, he got an overwhelming response from the public. The show was successful as the auditorium was filled with his fans.


Although things have calmed a bit, Sunil didn’t leave chance even during his live performance to take a jibe at Kapil.
He said,”Kitna log dekh rahein hain yahaan par, warna chae-saat din se toh sirf media waley hi dekh rahey they.”

Yesterday also he didn’t leave the chance to take a dig at the comedian. Hinting at the shoe throwing incident which happened in the airplane he posted a pic of his shoe on Instagram.

See Here :

Shoe Size US 10

A post shared by Sunil Grover (@whosunilgrover) on

He captioned the pic,”Shoe Size US-10″.

It is evident from the caption that this pic was an indirect message for Kapil. Some fans asked him in the comments section if this pic is for Kapil Sharma.
No doubt Sunil has an excellent sense of humor. We all are aware of it. And this was once again proved through his Instagram post. However, we are still hoping that the two comedians sort their differences soon so that we could again see them performing together on the screen.