Sunil Grover’s Tweet On Twitter Shows He is Not Money Minded Guy!

Sunil Grover is the silliness master and without him, Kapil Sharma’s show is not the same. Fans are feeling the loss of their most loved Jodi and are enthusiastically sitting tight for them to return together.

As of late, we detailed how Sunil’s individual live show “Drama Clinic”, got an astonishing reaction. Then again, Kapil’s TRPs are getting lower step by step.


Amid the show which was houseful, Sunil attacked Kapil by saying,

This was not it; Sunil Grover by and by took to Twitter to attack Kapil Sharma; he has obviously passed on that for him, cash doesn’t make a difference, however poise and regard does.

Despite the fact that it’s not an immediate hit at Kapil, we can comprehend what Sunil is attempting to state. Look at his tweet…

He said,

My intentions are to act and to entertain with dignity. For me, money can’t be the only reason to do something, or not to do something.

This indicates everything is clear and he is back on the shoot of The Kapil Sharma Show!