Sunil Grover’s Friend Ditched Him For Money & Joined Kapil Sharma

Finally, there is some good news for “The Kapil Sharma Show” fans. Chandan Prabhakar who has left the show after the infamous brawl between Kapil and Sunil Grover is finally coming back. He has confirmed this news in a live chat on Facebook.


During the live chat he was asked that why he took so long to reconcile with Kapil. On this, he said, “Sometimes when a cloth gets wet it takes some time for it to dry.” Chandan said that whatever transpired between him and Kapil Sharma took some time to settle.”


Chandan who used to play the role of Chandu chaiwaala has started the shooting. Kapil and Chandan are childhood friends. Before The Kapil Sharma Show they had participated in the comedy show “The Great Indian Laughter Challenge Show”. In that show Kapil stood first while Chandan came first runner up.

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Talking about his comeback on the show, Chandan said, “I am really excited to be back! Yes, I had some issues with Kapil. But we are brothers and go back a long way. We had certain issues. Whatever happened it is between us and we are mature enough to discuss it and sort out the differences.”


Kiku Sharma took to Twitter to welcome Chandan.

His Tweet read, “Aksar wahi rishtey lajawaab hote hain, jo zamane se nahi, ehsaaso se bane hote hain @KapilSharmaK9 @haanjichandan welcome back bhai,” 

Here’s Kiku Sharda’s tweet

Few days back in an interview Ali Asgar cited out the reason of leaving the show. He said, “We worked there for the longest period of time, but after a certain point, there was a time when I felt that I should move from the show because I had creative differences with Kapil and his team. My character wasn’t going anywhere and it was becoming stagnant and I felt there was no scope for creative improvement,”


Meanwhile Kapil’s arch rivalry Krushna is coming with his show “Comedy Company”. Sunil Grover doesn’t want to be a permanent part of any show. Therefore he will only appear as a guest on Comedy Company.