Sunil Grover Did UC News Promotion With Sunny Leone Watch Sunil’s GIDDA With Sunny Leone!

Sunil Grover has proved that he is a man of his words. Despite everyone’s continuous efforts to bring him back on the show, he decided to stick to what he said. He didn’t go back on the show. Instead, now he is focusing on other projects.

A few days back he has done a live performance in Delhi as Dr. Mashoor Gulathi. He also appeared in Indian Idol’s finale. It is evident from his performances on different shows that he will not go back to Kapil.


Image source: Zee News

13th April was a great day for his fans as they once again got the opportunity to see him again. And this time he wasn’t alone. He was with the hot actress of Bollywood which is none other than Sunny Leone. With Sunny Leone, the fun got doubled.


Ever since the news of Sunil Grover doing live commentary for IPL broke, fans were eagerly waiting for him. It was a full masala commentary On UC news App. It made his fans laughing. With his excellent comic timings, he took the IPL to some another level.

After he left Kapil’s show fans missed his character Dr. Mashoor Gulathi on the show. It made his fans’ day as hearing him after so long was something they were waiting. After hearing Sunil Grover’s masala commentary now all of his fans are wishing him to do it every day.

Like any normal match, they also tossed

Sunny teaching Sunil Grover dance on her Bollywood superhit song “Baby Doll”

After Bollywood number, they had some Gidda time also

Don’t they look cute together? We are looking forward to see them working together in the future also. What’re your views on it?