Sunil Grover Has Kept THIS Condition To Work With ….

Sunil Grover is one of the best comedians in the world these days. Sunil Grover is highly paid for his Comedy Shows.

Sunil Grover had a huge fight with Kapil Sharma as you may remember. Kapil Sharma slapped Sunil Grover two months back in a flight.

Kapil Sharma even called Sunil Grover as his personal servant and hit Sunil with his shoes. After this incident, Sunil Grover has refused to work with Kapil Sharma.

Now, Sunil Grover has even refused to work in Comedy Factory. The condition kept by Sunil is that he will work in LIVE shows or do a guest appearance.

This is very weird on the part of Sunil Grover. If he is so arrogant, he might not get any work from Kapil Sharma or SONY TV in the future.

We appeal to Sunil Grover to come back on the Kapil Sharma show. We also appeal to Comedy legend Kapil Sharma to not slap Sunil Grover again.

He can scold Grover but he should not slap or hit Sunil with shoes. Good luck to the legend Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover. Sunil must remove his condition soon if he wants to act in comedy shows.