Sumona Chakravarti Smoking On The Set Of The Kapil Sharma Show!

Sumona Chakravarti who caught smoking  is a noted Bengali Actress who comes on the Kapil Sharma show regularly. Sumona Chakravarty has been on the Kapil Sharma show right from the days of Comedy Nights With Kapil.

Recently, Sumona Chakravarti was caught smoking on the sets of the Kapil Sharma show. We are extremely shocked to see Sumona smoking in real life.

source: YouTube

Sumona is Daughter of Dr. Mashoor Gulati on TKSS.


This incident of Sumona Chakravarti smoking happened when the team of Marathi movie Sairat had come on the Kapil Sharma show for movie promotions. Even Sumona was seen in a Marathi attire that day.

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Sumona Chakravarti was looking stunning in a red saree with matching green blouse. But, what shocked us is the fact that Sumona was caught smoking freely on the Kapil Sharma show. This show is watched by millions in India including children. So, actors should be very careful while smoking as smoking may leave a bad impression on the mind of children.