99% Failed To Solve These Crazy Riddles. Can You?


When was the last time, you tried to use your brain 100%? I bet too long ago. Let us see if you can solve any of these riddles we have got for you. If you can solve all, you are a genius surely.

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1. A grandpa was telling his grandson a story when he said him that during the 1st world war, he could manage to pick up a grenade and throw it away before it exploded. When the war concluded he was awarded a sword on which it was engraved “AWARDED FOR BRAVERY AND VALOUR, A TRUE HERO, WORLD WAR 1”. When the story concluded, the grandson said ‘that cannot be true!’ how did he know?

2. If you have two hourglasses, one that time, one at 7 minutes and the other at 11, what would be the fastest way to time the boiling of an egg for 15 minutes?

3. Using a password, the computer has been locked by a man. But by his action his wife suspects for he’s hiding something secret when she finds a series of phrases in a hint box. Using the following information, 4 grapes, 7 bananas,2 pineapples,1 apple ,7 mangoes, 1 orange and 8 pomegranates.

4. Andrew is the son of Rita. Rita is the _______ of Andrew’s mother.

5. What is something that girls have 5 but a cows have only 4. Think carefully.

6. How is it possible that Ram is standing behind Shyam and at the same time Shyam is also standing behind Ram?


1 . Right after the 1st world war ended , they could not conclude it to be the FIRST WORLD WAR because they didn’t have any idea at that moment that a second war would break out which will be the SECOND WORLD WAR and would cause a series of war named accordingly.

2. You are required to start both the hourglasses at the same time. After the sand trickles down completely from 7 minutes hourglass, you start boiling the egg and in 4 minutes, 11 minute-glass will be empty. Again start with the 11 minute glass when it is empty the egg will have been boiled for 15 minutes.


4 grapes=4th letter =P
1 apple = 1st letter =A
7 bananas =7th letter =S
2 pineapples=2nd letter=I
1 orange=1st letter =O
8 pomegranates=8th letter=N
Thus, the password is PASSION.

4. Name. Yes only this is a suitable answer.

5. Number of letters in the spelling.

6. They are standing back to back.