SHOCKING: Girlfriend Throws Acid On Boyfriend For Not Accepting Marriage Proposal


We have often heard about cases where guys throw acid on their girls when they reject their love proposals or end the relationship but today we present you an extremely strange and utterly reversed case wherein the victim is a guy and the accused is a teenage.

A weird incident took place in Bijnor wherein a girl of 19 burnt the face of her boyfriend with acid. It so happened that the girl was furious at her 21-year boyfriend since he allegedly rejected her marriage proposal (21). She could not bear it, called the guy home on Sunday night and threw acid on him.

Afreen, the accused, invited the victim Sooraj Kumar for her birthday and the guy readily accepted her invitation as he couldn’t even imagine how the so-called girlfriend was planning to take revenge on him for rejecting her proposal. He is still hospitalized with 20% burn injuries; however completely safe “but a little disfigured”.

The guy recalled the horrific incident and said, “I am Hindu and Afreen is Muslim. We cannot get married as we belong to different faiths. I told her that my marriage has been settled and this angered her.”

“She invited me for a birthday party to her house in Inampura on Sunday night. I attended her party and took dinner. After dinner when I set out for my house, she called me on my mobile phone and asked me to come back. I returned to her house as I did not suspect anything. But when I reached her place, she poured acid over my face. It was with my friend Arjun Kumar who rushed me to hospital. I don’t know what she would have done had he not been there,” said the victim further.

Talking of the duo, they studied together at one college of the city; Afreen was a BA student whereas Sooraj was pursuing B.Com. They met at that very place and their meeting turned into love relation about 1.5 years back. Both decided to get wed but Sooraj could not convince his parents and hence made up his mind to end this relationship.
In the words of Ramanand Kushwah, Circle officer, “There is a matter of love affair. The police has registered a case against the girl under section 326A (which lays down punishment for acid throwing, a minimum of 10 years in prison) based on the complaint of Sooraj’s father Mahendra Singh. Police are probing the matter.”