Everything You Need To Know About Sensor Bats Being Introduced In ICC

Cricket is a game of technique. Throwing the perfect ball and hitting a clean square drive takes a tremendous amount of practice. International Cricket Council (ICC) is very well aware of the sentiments of people attached to the sport, and so it keeps on experimenting new things.

ICC is now introducing sensor bats in the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 that have swing-sensing chips inside.

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This advanced addition to the sport will measure and provide with every detail about the batsman. Like the speed of bat, the angle of back-lift, impact, and follow-through. The sensors have been placed at the top of bats handle. They are developed by Intel and sports startup Specular. The concluding figures will then be transmitted for immediate analysis by broadcasters and coaches.

In order to develop a coaching aid, these bats have been introduced. It should lead to detailed visualization during each game. The concluding figures will then be transmitted for immediate analysis by broadcasters and coaches.

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This technology will also assist in analyzing every player’s performance, suggesting if they need to improve and compare their techniques to previous performances. Similarly, it will also help the coaches to fine-tune training sessions and strategies.

Talking about this new technology, Nasser Hussain, a former Englan captain turned cricket broadcaster said, “How many times have we spoken about people having ‘fast hands’ or ‘great bat speed’? “But what does that mean? We’ve never quantified it.

When I first played for England, I had never really seen myself on television. I remember playing in Jamaica, getting out and walking through the hotel lobby and Geoffrey Boycott shouting at me  ‘Hussain, you’ll never get any runs with that open bat face’. Something like this can show you the exact angle of your bat.”

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Five players from each team are expected to use the sensor bats. They will be used at the Champions Trophy by several batsmen including Ben Stokes, Jason Roy, and Alex Hales. The match will take place in London, Birmingham, and Cardiff next month.