This 900 Years Old Savage Tradition Of Nepal Will Leave You In Goosebumps

When talking about barbaric and savage traditions all over the world, one cannot but agree to the fact that they are so horrible one cannot bear watching them at all. There are so many superstitions, beliefs, and ancestry related to it that it becomes impossible to prevent them from happening.

Even if it is banned and cited illegal in the country by the prevailing government, people manage to practice it in dark.


While we are talking about such traditions then China comes very first. It’s Yulin Dog Meat festival which is celebrated in the country which is celebrated in summers includes eating dogs and lychees. Although it is quite ok to eat any kind of non-veg food, however, we cannot deny the fact about how they are prepared for the grand feast.

Chinese think that burning dog alive and torturing it before it dies, will increase its taste and it will ward off heat in the summer months.

But to everyone’s surprise, China is not alone in this race. Nepal, the country sharing its borders with India, has also an appaling story to tell.

While Chinese relish in slaughtering dogs and Japanese, dolphins, most of you may have not heard of Deopokhari festival yet.

It is a holy festival celebrated in Nepal. Many inhumane acts performed in the name of Gods are also a part of Deopokhari festival.

The people of a village Khokana in Nepal celebrate this festival every year. The rituals include gathering around a sacred pond, Deo.

The target of their cruelty becomes baby goats. They are ripped apart from their teeth and bare hands till they die. It is celebrated every year in August and has been a part of Nepal holy tradition since 900 years.

Children are also called to join in the festivities and celebrations. A man jumps in the Deo pond with a baby goat in his hands. Apart from drowning it in a pond they bite and tear the flesh off the innocent animal’s body. The baby goat groans in pain and eventually dies under the forceful hands of its murderers.

Their happy faces can tell how much they enjoy the moment at the cost of the innocent animal’s life. The winner of the procession is whoever kills the goat at last and is allowed to the lead the processions following.

Despite protests from Animals rights campaigners from all around the world, they are still celebrating it on a large scale. Peta and other Nepalese Animal Rights joined forces to stop this ritual but to no effect.

Let’s come forward and raise our voices against this brutal and callous undertaking of such people. Let’s prevent them from taking lives anymore just to please their demon souls and their so-called Gods. 

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