Salman Khan In All Praises Of Sunil Grover; Says He Felt Incompetent In Front Of Him

Salman Khan chose Sunil Grover over Kapil for the promotion of his Eid release Tubelight. He recently did the promotional episode of the “Super Night With Tubelight”. The actor came along with his brother “Sohail Khan” and had a blast on the show.

Salman Khansource

Sunil Grover might not be winning accolades for his role as Rinku Bhabhi or as Dr. Mashoor Gulati as he has left The Kapil Sharma Show. But he has found a new admirer in the Dabangg star of The Bollywood that is Salman Khan.


At an event that was held on Friday, Salman was in all praise of Sunil Grover. He said that he is the only comedian who not only plays a character but gets into the character.


Praising Sunil, Salman said: “When Sohail (Khan) and I were watching him, I thought, I was the most incompetent actor — the way he played Mr Bachchan’s (Amitabh Bachchan) role or Dr Gulati and Guthhi’s role… He doesn’t try to do comedy. He just plays the character.”


“He is the only one comedian who is not doing comedy. He just plays the character and while doing that he is serious and joking or laughing. When you see Sunil, he doesn’t look like a comedian,” Dabangg Khan further said.

Heaping further praise on Sunil, Salman said, “People have very funny faces or they are sweet and cute, so that makes people laugh. But he is a serious looking guy and the ways he pulls of these acts, is simply outstanding.”


Ever since the infamous brawl broke between Sunil and Kapil, the fans have been missing him on the show. They want him to slip into the character once again. Though he hasn’t stopped working. Since then he has been making guest appearance on reality shows.

Besides that, he is also doing live shows. Meanwhile, Kapil is struggling hard to manage the show alone as Sunil, Ali Asgar, Chandan, and Sugandha Mishra have left the show.

According to the reports, Kapil’s rivalry Krushna is coming with his new show “Comedy Company” and Ali Asgar, Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale have joined him.