RJ Naved Convey A Message For Those Who Are Ashamed Of Din’t Knowing English!

RJ Naved is one such Indian who had always raised a valid and important issues in the society and always tried to teach people a lesson regarding such Society Issues. In raising such issue he sometimes uses Radio as a medium, while at other times he uses prank videos. Naved even this time had raised a question to Indians. Which is very much valid and is important for people to understand. The question is that WHY DO PEOPLE IN INDIA ARE ASHAMED IN ACCEPTING THE TRUTH THAT THEY ARE WEAK IN ENGLISH or THEY CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH? 

It is good that people make efforts to learn English but common English is not our mother tongue & it is not compulsory for every person in India working in every sector to speak English well. But this is not something we should be ashamed of and deny that fact that we are not good at it.  It is not wrong to accept the fact that we donot speak English well but in the effort to Show Off that we can speak English well we give people a chance to make fun of Us. Give it a thought and watch this interesting video by RJ Naved with a good message at the end

What do you think? Are your views same that we should agree the fact that we do not speak English without being ashamed of it? Comment your views and share the video.