Real Names Of Top Hollywood Actors And Singers

Shakespeare once said, “What’s in thy name”. When he said these popular words he might not be aware of astrology. When a child is born the parents are supposed to give a name to their child. That little kid has no say in this. But when a person grows up he can change his name.

Ther are some people when they grow up change their name either because they don’t like it or because of the astrology thing. Here are top Hollywood Actors And singers who changed their names.

Katy Perry — Kathryn (Katy) Hudson


Katy Perry is a singer who is popular worldwide. Her music videos like Teenage Dreams and Fireworks were one of the biggest hits among the teens. Her birth name is Kathryn(Katy) Hudson. Before getting popular, Katy was producing a video with his birth name.

Natalie Portman


Natalie is known for her role in action thriller Leon. Her real name was Natalie Herschlagwhich she changed to Natalie Portman.

Christopher Walken


Christopher Walken’s birth name was Ronald Walken. He might have changed his name but his friends still call him Ronnie.

Louis C.K. — Louis Szekely


Louis C.K’s birth name was Louis Szekely. It is pronounced as Sek-kay. People used to find it difficult to pronounce his name so the comedian decided to change his surname.



Drake’s real name Aubrey Drake Graham was quite long for the people to speak. Therefore in 2009, after signing a recording contract, he started using just Drake.

Miley Cyrus


Pop star Miley Cyrus’s real name was Destiny Hope Cyrus. Her father used to call her Smiley because of her cheerful persona. Over the years it got shortened to Miley. In the year 2008, Miley legally changed her name.