VIDEO: This Is What Raju Shrivastav Did That Left Everyone In Tears

Raju Shrivastav is the guy who charmed our hearts with his comedy a long time back. He has made us roll with laughter with his funny side. We have seen him making the audience life not just with any comedy show, but with movies too. And now we are enjoying his evergreen comedy on The Kapil Sharma Show as well.

He sometimes also manages to make the audience emotional with his acting skills. He recently posted a video from his official account on YouTube in which you can see him taking on some serious issues.

raju shrivastavSource

Raju Shrivastav made a video on cow slaughter which is not just emotional but also true to the core.

The 7-minute long video portrays Raju as an old dying cow. Because of such old age, she is not able to feed her owner with milk, he decides to send her to slaughter house. She then begs him to not to kill her and makes him remember of those times when he used to drink her milk.Raju Shrivastav in the role of a holy cow will make you emotional and will bring you to tears.

raju shrivastavSource

Within minutes if being uploaded, the video went viral. Until now it has received a lot of likes and shares. It is receiving a lot of appreciation from Raju’s fans as well as from other celebrities.

Watch the video here:-

This video gives a message to all those people who feed animals and take care of them until they are of use to them. And when the animals reach a certain and age and are unable to feed any longer, are sent to slaughter house.

Raju Shrivastav in the role of our so-called holy cow will make you emotional and will bring you to tears. This guy deserves a good round of applause.