Preeti Simoes: Kapil’s Talent Made Him What He Is Today! Krushna Is Making Immature Statements


Talking to IndianExpress, Preeti said, “There is no point reacting. He has made such immature statements. Why will Kapil Sharma feel insecure of Krushna? It is as simple as that. Just because you want to put yourself in Kapil’s place. Did anybody else say anything? And because you did that, the track you got in your first episode came out. Let your work speak. Why do you want to put words in people’s mouth. And you want people to compare you with Kapil. That is why you are making certain statements. Has Kapil ever spoken a word about any other show? Kapil came from Comedy Circus. Comedy Circus shut down he never said anything. About Comedy Classes too he never said anything. Then Comedy nights Bachao came and even though they were not number one or even in that category, they started announcing we are number one and have the highest TRPs.

Preeti also refused to accept the argument that it is the channel Colors that made Kapil a big brand. When asked if it was the channel that made Kapil a star, Preeti said, “You think so. He first won Laughter Challenge. The first show he did was for MH1. He won Laughter Challenge , Laughter Challenge made Kapil. He won six seasons of Comedy Circus and Comedy Circus made Kapil. It is the talent that makes one what he or she is. Nobody makes anybody.”

Preeti also said we have moved on and planning for our next show.