After U.K And U.S.A, This Powerful Country In Now Backing India Against China

India and China have been each other’s adversaries for times unknown. Even before the Sino-Indian war(1962), the two countries never experienced healthy relations.

Every now and then, the condition at the Indian-Chinese border at the LOC(Line Of Control) worsens and frequent ruckus and fights are witnessed.

Lately, On Independence Day, these conditions elevated with the troops from both the countries confronting each other at the Pangong Lake.

Like our soldiers, this time our country’s administration too is not in the mood to submit and bear with the circumstances. We are ready to face them with full force.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in no mood to back down now. With the United Kingdom and the United States coming in support of India at Doklam, we have become a powerful nation against China.

But there is one more nation who has now lent its support to India. This powerful country is none other than Japan.

Japan’s support for India came one month after a leading Chinese daily, The Global Times warned New Delhi against banking on Tokyo in the event of a conflict over Doklam issue.

Japan put a valid point and said that there should be no attempt to change the status quo on the ground by force. This statement came after China violated agreements with India and Bhutan and tried to build a road through Doklam plateau, which is part of Bhutan. 

Japanese ambassador, Kenji Hiramatsu, commented on the issue and said,“As far as India’s role is concerned, we understand that India is involved in this incident based on bilateral agreements with Bhutan. External affairs minister Sushma Swaraj has made it clear that India would continue to engage with dialogue through diplomatic channels with China to find a mutually acceptable solution. We consider this attitude towards peaceful resolution important.”

“What’s important in disputed areas is that all parties involved do not resort to unilateral attempts to change the status quo by force, and resolve the dispute in a peaceful manner,” he further added.

Japan’s support will surely make India an invincible power against the notorious China.

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