Check Out The Per Episode Salary Of The Cast Of C.I.D

CID is one of the longest-running shows on Sony Entertainment. It has gained immense popularity in the country over these years. Be it ACP Praduman’s hand movements, or Daya’s incredible gate-breaking techniques, it has become a trademark of the show.

With their ever-growing popularity, the show has also grabbed a lot of TRPs and viewership with their fantastic detective stories. Moreover, the actors playing out their respective parts are also phenomenal. Indeed, they do their jobs with a flare.

If they are so popular, it is pretty obvious that they get what they deserve in return. You will be astounded to listen what these actors charge per episode.

Here is the per episode salary of your favorite CID stars-

1. Shivaji Satham

Shivaji Satham gained popularity with CID. He has been a limelight and a most important person of the show. He essayed the role of ACP Praduman who leads his team in every CID project. And therefore he receives the biggest paycheck among all. He earns 5 lakhs per episode.

2. Aditya Shrivastava

Aditya aka Senior Inspector Abhijeet plays an ambiguous personality. He is an amalgam of a serious and a funny person. He charges 80K to 1 lakh per episode.

3. Dayanand Shetty

We all know ‘Daya’nand Shetty very well. He is the right-hand of ACP Pradyman and a reliable person when it comes to breaking doorways. He earns 1 lakh from every CID episode.

4. Jhanvi Chedda

She has been a part of the show since 2012 and since then helping the team in cracking down a lot of difficult cases. She charges 45 K per episode.

5. Dinesh Phadnis

Dinesh is a comic relief amidst all these serious and horrendous conditions. He often blabbers nonsense and acts as a stress reliever. He takes 70-80 K per episode.

6. Ansha Sayed

The tough Inspector Purvi charges 40 K per episode.

7. Shraddha Musale

She charges 40 K per episode.

8. Vaishnavi Dhanraj

She charges 50 K per episode.

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