OMG Girl Died While Sleep Wearing Headphones & Phone Was Getting Charged!!

We all love listening to music and headphones/earphones are a part of our daily lives. Most of us keep our headphone on while working/studying and doing everything else. However, this benign activity can also be really dangerous.

Recently, a terrifying incident took place in Texas (US) in which a 19 year old girl named Gabrielle Samuels lost her life.

As per the reports, her parents left home in the morning as per their usual routine without seeing their daughter who they though would be sleeping. The girl’s boyfriend called her several times during the day, however, he kept going into her voicemail.

This was kind of unusual for Samuals so he got worried. “This had never happened before. My girlfriend always answers or texts if she can’t talk. Since after many tries she didn’t answer, I drove to her home.” said Gates.

He had the key to the home by Samuels’ parents in case of emergency so he was able to enter the house. When he entered, however, he could smell something burning.


“I thought it was smell of a burnt bacon so I went into kitchen first. But I found nothing there and then I thought to go upstairs to surprise my girl. While going upstairs the burnt smell was becoming more and more stronger.

The current passing through the headphone was so powerful that it electrocuted Samuel within no time.” officials said.

When I opened the door of Gabby’s room, it smelled really strong, like someone was barbecuing, that’s when I found my girl in the bed. I immediately called 911, when she didn’t respond.” Gates quoted.

According to investigations, the girl had fallen asleep around midnight after talking to her boyfriend. She started her playlist and slept with the headphones on. However, around 3 pm, she was electrocuted as the phone was charging and it short-circuited.

“The charger actually failed to conduct the electricity safely from outlet to the device. As the charger failed the current went directly into the device and then from the phone to earbuds of Samuel.


This is a huge lesson for everyone. Normally, we don’t take these things seriously. When our parents tell us not to use the phone while charging; we don’t listen. The probability of something like this happening is low; however, it is still possible as it happened with this girl.

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