OMG- Anaconda Found On The Streets Of Bengaluru

Bangalore ‘s roads crocodile , you have to remember ? Remained on the streets to get the attention of the administration towards the fossa by an artist was devised . Nowadays Bangalore roads are once again in the spotlight , which this time is a crocodile rather anaconda.


Each year many cases of dengue and malaria in Bangalore keep coming , because the streets were filled with water to fossa . Like every government and administration of the government and the administration keeps sleeping until then , unless someone could be screaming in his ears not to bring his point.


Prisath painting ” The younger who have completed their studies in this regard ,” says the first big protest of the local people have to face , but through the media that people began to understand this is the only art whose message pretty deep, then the Anaconda orders to different places began to arrive . ”


The art on display as soon as all the art is meaningful only when he put normal life on the screen .
Today the country have similar artists who brought their art work to the general public .