10 Differences That Makes North Korea Totally Different From South Korea

North Korea has always been in the news for its dictatorship, propagandas and Supreme leader Kim Jong-un. North Korea might not be a right place for you if you are planning to visit that country. However, do you know that there’s a huge difference between North Korea and South Korea?

We guess you are not much aware of the differences. Therefore today we will tell you 10 major differences between these 2 countries.



For most of us tend to take the Internet for granted. After all, we can access it from our phones, pcs or laptops from almost everywhere. However In North Korea even getting access to a device that provides access to the Internet is not an easy task. You need a permit to get online. Only wealthy and powerful people qualify. And even if you manage to get it there are only 28 websites which don’t include social networking sites like Facebook.


Meanwhile, in South Korea, they use the fastest average Internet connection anywhere in the world that is 28 megabits per second. South Korea has an advantage due to its population density which makes it cheaper and easier to deliver faster internet.

Freedom of press

In terms of 2017 world press freedom, Norea Korea was at the last with 180th position South Korea bagged 63 spot.

Life Expectancy


People in North Korea live up to average age of 72. On the other hand, people in South Korea tend to live 12 years more than people in North Kore. Thye live up to

South Korea has double the population of North Korea. North Korea has 25.26 million citizens and South Korea has 50.25 million citizens.


Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of North Korea is  12.38 million dollars whereas South Korea has 1.38 Trillion dollars GDP.

North Korea has 583 dollars per capital and South Korea has  27221 dollars per capita.



In North Korea, men have to serve for a decade and women until 23 years of age. In South Korea, men have to serve for 2 years.

Military cost


Even though South Korea has a much higher GDP than North Korea, it spends a small amount of GDP on the military. North Korea spends 22% of its GDP on its military. Meanwhile, South Korea spends just 2.8% of its GDP on the military.


People in South Korea are comparatively 3 inches taller than people in North Korea. This difference is much noticeable if you look at children.



As North Korea spends a major part of its GDP on military it is not surprising that it’s 40% of the population is below the poverty line. South Korea is experiencing a period of economic growth. But it’s something that people in North Korea have no idea.


South Korea is known for its most exceptional films. In fact, South Korea’s most successful films were made by a man named Shin Sang. Like most things in North Korea, their film industry is also tied with propaganda.


As of now, you must have guessed that visiting North Korea might not be an easy task. The government’s biggest fear with tourists is that they can take photos of something they’re not supposed to see. You”ll never be out of guides’ sight during the day. And you can not leave the hotel at night under any circumstance.

Meanwhile visiting South Korea is as normal as visiting any other country.