You Should Never Search THESE 6 Thing On Google

Google provides us with much useful information. But it is not just the useful things that are present on google. If you dare to look into the matter, there are some of the most disturbing and shocking things present there. This article is definitely not for weak people. So we are warning you! Scroll down only if you have a strong heart.

Things you should never Google!


For the information, this is not a mathematical bridge. Wondering what it is so creepy about this one? Well, it is not actually a bridge but the whole tooth black extravaganza that many people can’t even dare to see in pictures!



Krokodil is the name of a highly addictive drug which is also known as Desomorphine. Though all the drugs are not quite good for health, this one is the worst. People who intake this drug put themselves at a serious risk. The high level of toxicity in the drug makes the users experience symptoms like being cooked and burned alive.


If you search about the before and after pictures of Krokodil drug, you’ll see people who were never able to fully recover from their addiction.


Another classic that we have on our list of the world’s most gross things that you can google, is cyst popping. If you have a daring heart then you can also watch a gif on cyst popping.


The first body farm was set up in the 1980s by the University of Tennessee’s Anthropological Research Facility. It was set up to study the various states of decomposition that the human body goes through and under various conditions.

Basically, a body farm is a place covered with dead bodies in the state of decay. So if you have a morbid sense of curiosity, then go ahead!


Googling this thing will present you with an image of a man stretching out his arse so hard that you can practically see EVERYTHING. It is actually really gross. The only amusing thing about this otherwise nightmarish inducing Google search is the parody pictures which are actually kind of worth it.


In case you find human parasites very amusing, then this is a fair thing for you to search. This search will present you with loads of images of humans have been overrun with larvae which are flying that turn into maggots. So if you dare to see such things, then be my guest!