Mukesh Ambani Shuts Up Rajdeep Sardesai Through His Witty Reply!

It isn’t easy to build a business empire from a thrash and managing everything. It requires brain to manage a whopping wealth of $23.2 billion. From time to time Mukesh Ambani proves that it’s not everyone who can become a billionaire.

Recently Rajdeep took an interview of Mukesh Ambani. In the introduction of the businessman, he said that he is gonna introduce the audience to the most powerful man and that is not Narendra Modi. He said it’s none other than Mukesh Ambani.

He asked him how did he feel when he introduced him as the most powerful man? To which Mr. Ambani very aptly answered that he don’t take him seriously.’

Here’s the extract of their conversation

Rajdeep: How did he feel when I mentioned you as the most powerful man?

Mukesh Ambani: Nothing because I don’t even take you seriously.

It came as a surprise to all of us when we heard such a witty reply from the Businessman himself. It isn’t easy to make a journalist like Rajdeep speechless. But Mukesh Ambani did this with so much ease. Rajdeep fell short of words after hearing his witty replies.

We have seen many other renowned celebrities who are known for their hilarious replies. Virendra Sehwag, Producer Karan Johar, Poonam Pandey, Krk are some of the funniest celebrities on Twitter.

After ruling the Indian market looks like he is all set to rule the Twitter world too. Twitter is waiting for you Mr. Ambani.