Most Dangerous Roads In India – Very Scary

Mountains are like kingdoms. Beautiful, hard to invade, and with mercy only for the deserving. You alter its beauty for yourself and you are gone with the blow of a wind or flick of the mountain.

But, this kingdom is a place to live for ever. A morning which every person craves and a sunset so beautiful for every one to look at.

But, the catch is the higher you go in the mountains, the more you come across the beauty of it.

and the higher you go, the more dangerous and hard it gets move along or stay alive either.

So, well said that the beauty of the mountains is only for the ones who risk their lives for the sake of it.

This video below is an example of how risky and dangerous the roads get when you go more and more to the higher altitudes of the mountains.

Caution: Viewer discretion advised. Not for the faint hearted.