Mom Asks 3 Year Old Son Why He Is Taking So Long In The Toilet But, Couldn’t Stop Laughing When He Answered This

Kids are exceptionally cute when they try to do something on their own from what they have learnt.

It is funny how they tend to put a knowledge of something into the implementation of other thing. You will know about that in the image below.

This short story is about a 3 year old boy who knows how to poop and to read too.

But how does that make her mother laugh her brains out is what makes this kid exceptional.

The mother comes to know that her son has been in the toilet for a while now and starts becoming worried.

As she enters the toilet to see if he is okay, she finds out that he is sitting normally on the commode reading a book.

But she notices that he does something weird every 10 seconds while sitting there.

When asked what and why is he was doing so, the boy’s reply will surely make your day like it did to his mother.

Read below to know all about the mystery of the poop story.


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