Does Modi Carry Nuclear Bomb Button With Him After Pak Surgical Strike?

Have you ever noticed our Prime Minister – Mr. Narendra Modi – in various pics that are released through news channels. If you look closely, you would always find four men around him who are carrying briefcases.

There are rumors in Social Media that these briefcases contain the button to launch our nuclear weapons to any part of the world and as per various reports, this has become even more evident after the surgical attacks conducted by our army over Pakistan.


In fact, as a proof, you can have a look at the below photograph from this year’s Republic day celebrations wherein these security staff carrying the briefcases can be easily seen.

As per the rumors, each of this briefcase weighs around 10 kg and contains an antenna and a nuclear bomb trigger. This apparatus can be linked to any laptop through a password and then the nuclear bomb can be released to any part of the world based on our country’s needs.


And these rumors are in continuation of the reports that similar briefcases can always be seen around the Presidents of two Superpowers USA and Russia. When Obama had visited India, everybody had noticed these bags and as per a highly placed Internal Security expert, these briefcases contain the codes to launch Nuclear weapons.

Given that, these rumors were being passed on at nuclear speed on Whatsapp and Facebook through forwards; we decided to dig deep into the matter and woohoo we have been able to solve the problem.


Actually, these briefcases contain a portable Bulletproof Shield and the Security Guards of our Prime Minister carry these Shields for the man. In fact, this is the reason that they keep really close to Mr. Modi. This Portable Bulletproof Shield can be easily opened and can be used to protect the Prime Minister in case of any emergency.


The apparatus can take on any kind of assault and has a Gun underneeth which can be used to fire back as well by the security personnel. Even the former Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh used to be surrounded by these bags.

TRUTH: These bags don’t contain any nuclear bomb triggers. In fact, a nuclear attack requires a lot of responsible thinking and cannot be taken in a moment of emotion by a single man.

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