Mia Khalifa Trolled Hard By Twitterati For Making Fun Of Cowboy Fans

Internet fame Mia Khalifa is very active on the Internet. it is a well-known fact that Mia is a huge fan of Washington Redskins. Recently she took to Twitter to prove her loyalty. She declared that she would rather date a vegan than to date a cowboy.

However, her tweet didn’s go well with the Dallas Cowboy fans. The tweet backfired the pornstar. Nowadays Twitterati doesn’t spare anyone. So how can Cowboy fans spare the pornstar? She was trolled hard by the Twitterati.

Mia Khalifasource

This is her tweet which caused the stir among the cowboy fans

She wrote, “I’d rather date a vegan than a cowboy fan”. This tweet was definitely not liked by the cowboy fans. They decided to have some fun at the expense of her. They trolled her badly on Twitter.

Hahaha..passed on to patriots

Offer denied by patriots

Again denied

Denied by the fan base of the team she loves

Nailed it man! offer again passed

Straight from the representative of carnivores

Poor girl! She would have never thought that she would be trolled so badly for her tweet. Her own tweet backfired her and it all ended up with the porn star being trolled. Some people are claiming that Mia deliberately posted this tweet to get attention. What do you think? Can anyone go to that extent to get attention? Is it all worth it? Do let us know what do you think about this tweet.