Men Harasses A Model For S*X In Public. No One Came To Her Rescue. Ruthless Mumbai

Women are still not safe in a country which proudly says that it is a free and democratic one. If you think that it is not true then go through this article to see a public harassment case in Mumbai which shook the internet with shame.

Two men from Haryana recently went to Mumbai to have some fun and with the groove of their fun, they finally lost all the decency.

A Mumbai based model, Purnika Behl was jogging in the morning when two men went up to her and asked her for a one night stand.


Assuming that she was a prostitute they also shamelessly asked about the rates for her to sleep with them for a night.

When Purnika could not bear the harassment anymore, she plunged to forward to teach those bastards a lesson but unfortunately she was already outnumbered and no one standing in the crowd watching came forward to help.

These were the statements of her “I was shouting loudly for around 10 minutes; the place was crowded with families and other joggers and walkers, but no one came forward to help. I don’t understand the mentality of people here” said the model to a daily newspaper.


After multiple failures to teach them a lesson, Purnika finally decided to go after them and followed them in an auto and eventually got one of them, Dinesh Yadav arrested.

Both of the guys were boxers from Haryana who had come to Mumbai for a visit.

Purnika did not leave it to her fate being bad that she encountered such blunders of life in the form of mad men.

Instead, she filed a case on them but one of them has walked free while Dinesh Yadav has been charged under Sections 509 (word, gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). He was produced in a local court after which he was granted bail on Friday, October 23.

These kind of people get bails easily while the ones who do something for the social cause get fried and dull in the jail. This is one of the sad pages of our country.

This video below showcases perfectly the situation of law and order flowing in our country smoothly for decades now.

Full of sarcasm and if it hits on the right part of your brain i.e; your sense of humanity, you will rise and raise your voice along.

Watch the video and enjoy if you can because laughter comes in the case of sarcasm for a country’s stature but along comes shame

Share this article with your friends, family and even with your enemies. Because the more aware they are, the safer the world will be.