Meet The Youngest Meme Star Of Internet. His latest Memes Have Left People In Splits

If you are getting bored or feeling low, then Twitter is the best place for you to revive your mood. It is filled with people posting hilarious stuff every minute. The Internet never fails short of people with creative ideas.

Memes are nowadays very trending on Twitter. Be it a Donald Trump’s pic or Justin Beiber’s lip syncing controversy people don’t spare anyone. Memes are made almost on everything. Recently a picture of newborn baby has gone viral.

Youngest meme starsource

Meet the youngest meme star of the internet whose memes are giving everyone a good laugh. The baby was captured posting like a boss. He seems to be indulged in deep thinking. People are coming up with peculiar speculations as to what he is thinking.

His picture lying on the hospital bed is an instant hit and thousands of comments are flowing in every day. Have a look at these hilarious comments from people across the country.

When you are born in general category

Ab aish hi aish hai!

When the clock ticks 12

When you slip in front of your crush

Oh no!

Gandhi parivaar!

Friend trying to be over smart

Aren’t these memes hilarious? With these hilarious memes this baby is now the youngest meme star of Internet. Share these with your friends also and give them a good laugh today.