This Is What Kapil Sharma Said On Sunil Grover’s Comeback

It’s rightly said that one mistake can totally change your life. Ever since the mid-air brawl broke between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, the magic of their collaboration is being missed by the fans. After the infamous fight that included verbal abuse and throwing of the shoe, Sunil Grover had split his way from TKSS.


He along with other team members of The Kapil Sharma Show left the show. Ever since the split, the TRP of the comedy show has severely hit. From bringing new characters to himself playing 2 characters, Kapil Sharma is using all the tricks to save the show.


The news was abuzz that TKSS might get replaced by Salman Khan’s upcoming show Dus Ka Dum. However, it is not confirmed yet. Even Sunil Grover and other team members who boycotted the show aren’t experiencing a steady career as well.


Sunil Grover has currently done few live shows. Moreover, he made guest appearances on some reality shows. However, there’s no confirmed show for the comedian yet.

Many times Kapil Sharma took to the Internet to apologize to Sunil Grover. However, it seems like Sunil has made up his mind. With the passing days, the hopes of him coming back on The Kapil Sharma Show is decreasing.


But there’s one person who is still hoping to work with him again. And that’s none other than the ace comedian Kapil Sharma. His reply to a fan’s tweet on Sunday is the proof.

In a Twitter conversation, Kapil Sharma said that the doors of the show are always open for the Sunil Grover. He can come back on the show whenever he wants.

Kapil Sharma is currently busy with the shooting for his upcoming film Firangi. Whereas, Sunil Grover and other team members who boycotted The Kapil Sharma Show are shooting for a special episode for the promotion of Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tubelight.

What do you think? Should Sunil Grover comeback on the TKSS or stick to his decision?