“You Guys Are The Coolest, Honoured To be Here” Says Justin Beiber To His Fans

The DY Patil Stadium was jam packed yesterday. Though gates were supposed to be open at 2 P.m, fans were waiting outside the venue from the morning. People traveled from across the country to see their favorite pop star performing live.

Justin Beiber

Image Source: Indianexpress

The stadium had thousands of fans dressed in Bieber memorabilia. Gates were opened for the fans from 2 P.M. The concert started at 4 P.M. Though the three djs performed, but the fans were waiting eagerly for Justin Beiber.

At 8 P.M. the fans started chanting his name. He turned on the stage 10 minutes. The baby fame star was wearing a simple white TShit, black shorts and sneaks. What made his fans more happy was his tshirt. On the shirt Belibers fans of Justin are known as believer) was written.

justin-bieber-759 Image Source: Indianexpress

I just want to remind you. No matter who you are, how old you are, where you’re from, you have a purpose…It’s a privilege to be here. And I’ll be back. Thank you all for coming and taking out time,” he said before singing his ultimate track from the album “Purpose”.

He kickstarted his maiden India concert with his number “Mark My words” from the album Purpose. This track was followed by another popular number Where Are You Now. The audience turned into a choir.


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Back stage dancers joined him for this song. The excitement of the fans reached the zenith when Justin addressed to them.

He said, “What a beautiful night tonight. Honoured to be here. You guys are the coolest. Hope you’re ready to have the best night.”

This message was followed by another track I”ll show you. He performed several other popular tracks Love yourself’, ‘Company’, ‘No sense’, ‘Baby’, ‘As long As You Love Me’, ‘Right now’ ‘Let Me Love You’.


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The star sensation brought his guitar to sing Cold Water. However when he started playing it he noticed that the guitar was not tuned properly. Therefore he started the song again. Before starting again he said ,”Sorry my guitar is a bit out of tune because it is so humid here,”

In the end of the concert he asked the audience to be quiet and listen to him. He went on to tell them the reason behind the name of the tour “Purpose”


Image Source: Pressks

I’d like all of you to be quiet and listen to me now, I named this tour Purpose for a reason. Everyone has a purpose. You should always believe the best is yet to come,”  said 23 old pop sensation.

Following these words, he ended the concert with his most famous numbers ‘Sorry‘. A crew member even waved the Indian flag on stage which was a perfect sum up for a concert.