Jasleen Kaur Threatens For Legal Action Against All Facebook Users Posting Abusive Comments

Jasleen Kaur case is getting complicated day by day instead of being solved on account of regular revelations coming into view with regard to it. It had not been long when Jasleen walked away after listening to the witness without answering to the question and she was considered wrong at this point. Naturally, the one who does not answer is thought to be guilty as well as in the state of not having any reply to a question. But after a couple of days since when this incident took place, Jasleen has finally come back with her reply. Moreover, Facebook users must have been knowing that the girl deactivated her Facebook account before a day or two; however, her Facebook account is activated again and this is what Jasleen Kaur posted to throw more light on her incident of walking away as well as on this case:-

[fb_embed_post href=”https://web.facebook.com/jasleen.kaur.3557/posts/10208123033540757/” width=”550″/]

Well, besides this, Jasleen Kaur also threatens to sue Zee news in her comments. We agree to Jasleen somewhat at some points, but I want to draw your attention to her statement when she wrote,


If she expects court to decide who is right and who is wrong, why did she upload the picture of Sarvjeet Singh on Facebook when she had already filed a police complaint? Was that even required?


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