India’s 8 Most Controversial Babas, Stay Away From Them

We call them spiritual gurus, or babas, or Godmen. But actually, they are nothing but an incarnation of evil. They show off fake knowledge to earn money and power. So one must remember that they are not real and totally bogus. Their popularity is immense and they have a huge fan following but only some know the real face of these controversial babas.

Scroll down to see the list of our most controversial babas of all-time:-

1. Gurmeet Ram Rahim

Number one on our list of the most controversial babas is Ram Rahim. He was charged with raping one of his followers back in 2002. The verdict came out yesterday by the CBI court who found him guilty. Currently, the CBI is investigating two more charges against him for his involvement in the murder of Dera manager Ranjit Singh and a journalist, Ram Chander Chatterpatti.

controversial babas

2. Asaram Bapu

This creature another so-called baba whose ashram is located on in Ahmedabad. He was in the news last year for the mysterious death of two boys studying in his ashram’s Gurukul. The boys went missing in 2008 and their mutilated bodies were found the next day.

controversial babas

3. Nithyananda Swami

This Swami was on the headlines of every newspaper after a news channel telecast video footage purportedly showing him in bed with a South Indian actress. His ashrams are located in Tamil Nadu, Varanasi, Puri and across a dozen countries.

controversial babas

4. Narayan Sai

Narayan Sai was charged with molestation when a woman lodged a FIR accusing him of exploitation and repeated rape between 2002 and 2005. He himself admitted that he had a physical relationship with 8 other women followers. He was also accused of bribing the local authorities in an attempt to have the rape case against him dismissed.

controversial babas

5. Nirmal Baba

The spiritual leader is originally a Sikh who cut his hair, shaved off his beard and adopted the name, Nirmal Baba. After tremendous pressure from the authorities, he finally accepted that the total turnover of his Nirmal Darbar is almost Rs 235 crore.

controversial babas

6. Sant Rampal

The 63-year-old was in jail in 2006 when his supporters opened fire on villagers, killing one and injuring several others in Rohtak. In 2014, his followers including women and children tried to immolate at his ashram in Hisar.

controversial babas

7. Chandraswami

He is said to have an involvement in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. An income-tax raid on his ashram uncovered original drafts of payments totaling $11 million to the arms dealer, Adnan Khashoggi.

controversial babas

8. Swami Premananda

He was accused of raping 13 women and killing a Sri Lankan male who had been living in his ashram. Swami Premananda and six others were arrested and imprisoned in November 1994 for rape charges. He died on 21st February 2011 due to illness.

controversial babas

What are your views on these controversial babas?