A Fine Shot From An Indian Soldier To A Chinese Soldier, Kicked Him And Thumped Him Down

Apparently, a video was uploaded on the Internet by a retired military officer. In this video, Indian troops and Chinese troops could be seen engaging in a scuffle with each other. This major scuffle took place along the Line Of Control at eastern Ladakh in the western sector.

Retd. Lt General Prakash Katoch uploaded the 44 seconds long video on his Facebook page. It shows the soldiers engaging in stone-pelting, shoving, kicking and injuring each other on Independence Day. It further escalated the tense border situation.

The rumpus took place at around 7:30 AM when a Chinese patrol was confronted by an Indian patrol near the Pangong lake in eastern Ladakh. The region is near the Finger-6 part of the 135-km long lake.

The region is near the Finger-6 part of the 135-km long lake, one-third of which is under Indian control and two-third under Chinese control.

However, Indian army refused to comment on the authentication of the video and said that they “have no confirmation of the authenticity of the video”.

On the other hand, the Ministry of External Affairs confirmed that such incident did take place between the soldiers on Independence Day.

Although this area near the Pangong lake has witnessed many such disruptions in the past, it never led to any physical violence.

In this viral video, a Chinese soldier first hit an Indian patrol soldier with a steel rod. It resulted in a ruckus and led to physical violence from both sides. One Indian soldier kicked a Chinese soldier and thumped him down.

According to the sources, soldiers from both the countries were injured.

Watch how this brave Indian soldier fought off a Chinese soldier.

Watch the video below-

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