How To Read Girlfriend WhatsApp Message Without Getting Blue Tick

Ever Since WhatsApp has introduced the feature of blue ticks on read messages, most of us have landed into a problem almost on a daily basis. Our girlfriend would send us a whatsapp message, we would read it and then we would be forced to reply since it already knows that we have read it (courtesy the blue tick that she can see).

We even need to reply to the messages which have been accidentally open while we were busy doing some important stuff. But she would not understand and there would be a big fight on this.

Stay Calm – All the Boys

We have discovered an awesome trick so that she won’t know that you have read through the message!!


All you need to do is, receive her messages and then turn off the internet connection (Wi-Fi/Mobile Data). Now read her messages and don’t reply after that. She won’t know that you have read through the messages. Except that she would see you as online if you had whatsapp screen open while turning the internet off. So, it is even better if you turn off the internet while you are on your home screen rather than being on Whatsapp screen.

This was a test that we ran. Left chat is ours wherein the data connection is off. Right one is hers with no blue ticks! VOILA!! So this works! As soon as you will turn data on and access her chat on WhatsApp again, the messages will show the blue ticks. And the read time will be this time only.